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Ed Croom was interviewed remotely by Julian Rankin, the executive director of the Walter Anderson Museum in Ocean Springs, and they discussed the author's background in botany and photography. Visitors are welcome in the Malkin Gallery in Greenville during the hours of 10:00 - 3:00 to view the actual photographs, Monday through Friday, October 5 - 16. Masks must be worn, and only four individuals are allowed in each gallery at a time.

To access the video, copy and paste this link into your browser:

Hello, fellow hunker-downers! While we're all in pandemic mode,

let's gather online to enjoy the literary, visual, performing, and culinary arts!

Amanda and Carl Cottingham were joined by Bland Currie for a virtual charcuterie tasting at The Pantry on September 23. Patrons were encouraged to swing by The Pantry to pick up a beautiful tray of cheeses, fruits, spreads, and cured meats, and then tuned in to the link here for more information. Also, Burt and Allen from Chillie's Package Store invited a knowledgeable sommelier to join the conversation, and he walked us through a sampling of wines to accompany our savory treats. We'll absolutely repeat this later in the fall!

WINE and CHARCUTERIE for CC and Social M
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